Superb Support

October 3, 2011

Rudy Casasola
South Los Angeles Conference Center
6236 S. Saint Andrew Place
Los Angeles, CA 90047

Dear Rudy,

Thank you for your superb support of our nonprofit public benefit services through the Southland Partnership Corporation.   You and Theresa are certainly community leaders with sharing your South Los Angeles Convention Center (SLACC) vision that provides for a favorable cultural exchange destination place.  Since we first came together through the Los Angeles Police Department hosting our POWER Collaborative Network monthly meeting in May at SLACC, you have consistently extended a significant confidence boost to our job development work by extending office and meeting space to our organization and clients.

Our job development work commends your economic investments that serve to attract and retain enterprise in the neighborhood by transforming outdated business areas.  Particularly, this area is difficult to build where cargo trains no longer run, as densely populated streets make it harder to efficiently reach harbor freight lines and adjacent enterprising facilities increasingly deteriorate from infrastructure neglect.  While we collectively place our work efforts on building and expanding opportunities for a better community for all residents, the new SLACC is a beacon for future expansion of the south Los Angele region.

Everyone who visits the SLACC considers it a local haven to grow other business enterprises and thereby produce new jobs, both economically and culturally.  Consequently, your active contributions are without question quite admirable with your dedication to socioeconomic development at Gage and Saint Andrews Place.  Your on-site staff members constantly provide valued-added services on a broad range of vital community improvements, including, but not limited to, enhancing curb appeal, expanding job opportunities, after school programs and other related community affairs. Thank you!


Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.