Truly disappointed

April 25, 2002


Vicki Hernandez
Credit Operations
American Express
P.O. Box 29-7879
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-7879

Dear Ms. Hernandez:

This letter expresses an unfavorable sentiment to your correspondence dated March 21, 2002 (copy attached).  A declination of charges was issued by your office on my business account for a past due amount of $91.90.  Obviously, history with American Express means nothing in your decision to decline future activity for this small delinquency.  In addition, it was callus to rush this credit declination when the previous amount forwarded and cashed by American Express on this account, thirty days prior to your decision to decline, was in excess of $6,500.00.

Compounding my disappointment came when I contacted your account representative by phone after my card was declined for a $35.00 purchase at Home Depot.  It appeared very convenient when your account representative indicated that your organization wanted to reach me by phone to warn me of the delinquency, but your records were incomplete and did not have my current phone number.  While, since 1977 my phone company is listed at the same address with the same number in the City of Carson, CA.

I will continue using American Express; however, my will is to start writing checks again for purchases where checks are accepted.  I had previously enjoyed helping American Express make money (I am also an AXP shareholder), but it will take time to regain that old feeling once again as a consequence from your quick decision to decline.

In business, emotionally rushing to conclusion when things do not seem like they are going your way is not always loyal-customer wise.  In this case, when you reviewed my payment record and felt it was not going your way, you rushed to close credit access.  Well, it is not going my way with American Express and I will increase my future financial activity to say cash, check or VISA.

Truly disappointed,

Dean L. Jones

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