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June 27, 2001

RE:      Letter of Recommendation for Ms. Ranie Riley

To Whom It May Concern:

It gives me immeasurable pleasure to recommend the character and talent of Ms. Ranie Riley.  Surely, you too will find Ms. Riley innovative and eager to help businesses meet their respective needs for workforce and economic development.  Her dedication to sound business ethics is unquestionably worthy of forwarding this letter of recommendation.

In partnership with the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, I work in a position of community economic development and Ms. Riley is an individual of special acknowledgment.  Here in the Metro and South Los Angeles area, consistent business growth and leadership is a necessary asset.  Ms. Riley contributes greatly to those assets needed for workforce development within our region.

Ms. Riley demonstrates sound team spirit when working on our business committee activity.  We work together on several substantial issues related to the Metro/South Los Angeles Workforce Collaborative where she provides information and management skills to meet the objectives for committee support.

Ms. Riley is a motivator in our planning sessions.  She consistently surpasses committee member expectations and delivers the necessary information in a timely manner.  Ms. Riley affirms that mediocrity has no recognizable place in a responsibly competitive organization.  Time after time, she sends a very clear message for promoting the highest standards of service to people interested in working within and/or managing a business enterprise.

I am personally delighted to know Ms. Riley, a courageous individual who understands the importance of effective and efficient business administration.  Our region is benefiting exponentially from her involvement, thereby raising the quality of life for us all.


Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.
Executive Director

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