utmost appreciation

September 13, 2012

Signal Hill, CA 90755

Dear ,

On behalf of the Southland Partnership Corporation, I wish to express my utmost appreciation for representing your exciting work while with Goodwill, Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County and your priceless participation with the POWER Collaborative Network.  You have consistently demonstrated your dedication to job development referral services since we met some eight years ago.  Your professionalism in the job delivery sector has provided significant support to the betterment of community outreach and socioeconomic development.

In 2010, when our committee honored you as a Choreographer of Careers award recipient of the year, it was your extreme passion toward assisting people that gives you a distinction decidedly worthy of special recognition.  You show an innate ability to work well with the respective challenging needs of others and a technique of ensuring that each person obtains the most essential resources appropriate to their situation.

It is because of your special allegiance to social services work that inspires me with immeasurable pleasure to recommend your work attributes to others. Particularly, with the positive feedback that I routinely receive from our mutual peers, it is easy to share your name and reputation for always doing a really good job with case management work.  Accordingly, please feel free to call on us anytime to share a more formal letter of reference in your pursuit of establishing a position with another organization.

Respectfully yours,

Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.


Southland Partnership Corporation

Cc:      Southland Board of Director Members

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